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Hi, I'm Heather Hilburn

I've spent the last two decades shaping and improving London's cultural and heritage venues, including the Tower of London, Tate Modern and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. I have shaped the visitor experience to great places in the UK, North America and in Europe.

I believe in the power of local community to change the world for the better.


Bringing the old and new together

I have a history of bringing the old and new together, in the context of creating cultural and public spaces. I have worked with big brands and focus on the quality of the visitor experience.

Current: Tower of London

I am currently the Palace Programme Sponsor at the Tower of London. I am responsible for the Tower Future Plan, a long term plan to improve the visitor experience and preserve the Tower for future generations.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London

My experiences in culture and heritage led me to work for the Olympic Delivery Authority as a project sponsor and design advisor to create the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London . My remit among other things was to select and manage the designers for the southern part of the Olympic Park  east of London in Stratford.

London 2012

Wollf Olins designed the logo for London 2012, it was colourful and we incorporated this logo into designs and branding for our literature.

Temporary Pavilions

Many big brands were involved in the games. They build temporary pavilions for the games which were taken away once the games were finished.

River Lea

The most amazing outcome of the London 2012 games was creating a natural English style public park with fantastic modern facilities. One of the great challenges of creating a natural park on the site was pulling back the banks of the River Lea, so that visitors could sit on the river bank and enjoy the parkland and water. The river originally had a steep drop and industrial hard edge to it which was inaccessible.

Budapest Arena

My main project in Budapest was to rebuild the Budapest Arena, a multipurpose hall which had burned down. Budapest was in the running for the 2012 Olympics and wanted to revamp and rebuild their facilities in order to put in their bid as a host city. The Budapest Arena is located in a historically “sporty” part of that city. Our site offices were surrounded by over-scaled Soviet style sculptures of strong men and women competing.  

Budapest Castle

I spent three years in Budapest working on the Budapest Castle, a World Heritage Site. I worked with an architect on schemes to improve the castle and with a developer on a business model to keep the building intact, but also incorporate some new uses to attract visitors.

Yehudi Menuhin School

We worked with the Yehudi Menuhin school to create a fantastic new auditorium for the students on the grounds of the school in Cobham, Surrey. The space is intimate and uses warm wood materials.

Tate Modern

I then went to work on major cultural projects in London and in Europe. Tate Modern. Prior to 2000, the only way you could enter the Tate Modern was through the Turbine Hall on the side of the building. When the Millennium Bridge was built, we opened up the north side of the building facing the Thames, creating a new arrivals and landscaping for a, more coherent and welcoming visitor experience.

The London 2012 Olympic Park metal footbridge

The London 2012 Olympic Park is located in a place marked by historic industrial use. We tried to keep as many historic artefacts to retain it’s history, like this metal footbridge.

Design lead – Holloway White Allom

I decided I wanted to get my hands dirty and work on a building site. I was lucky enough to get a job as a design lead for conservation building contractor Holloway White Allom. We worked on major sites in London in conservation zones on listed buildings using traditional materials and techniques.

Stang and Newdow

I started my career in Atlanta Georgia, working for Stang and Newdow, a local architectural practice. I was an “investigative model maker” for three of our key Big Brand clients, Delta Airlines, Coca Cola and Macy’s department store. I made models of spaces and industrial sites that had evolved over time that had no architectural plans.
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EMAIL: info@heatherhilburn.com

TELEPHONE: 07702 106450

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